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It’s time to invite copywriters to the UX party

by Zoe Hilton


There’s a saying that goes “just because you can doesn’t mean you should”. In terms of design, most people now know that just because your friend’s brother’s 15-year-old nephew can use Photoshop doesn’t mean you should let the kid loose redesigning your logo. The same rule applies for content. You might be able to write – all those years at school, university and drafting emails surely count for something, right? But that doesn’t necessarily mean you should tackle copywriting projects…

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Eating with your eyes

by Mark Campbell

    Branding, UX

In the realm of user experience design, you’ll occasionally come across a bit of ‘design bashing’, where the aesthetic of how an app or website looks is downplayed as frivolous and unimportant. As the appreciation of usability grows, it’s important to understand how an idea, design and the user experience all work together. While it’s true that a confusing user interface won’t be made any better with a fresh coat of paint, we believe it’s still critically important to get…

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Building for the internet? Think big, bite small. Avoid the feedback void.

by Dave Prince

    App, Strategy, UX

So you’ve got an idea that can change the world and a feature list that’d make your competitor’s weep. Before you go and and sign a mega-contract to build every last thing you can imagine, it’s time to get out the red marker and be ruthless. Two main things to keep in mind here: Have an MVP mindset – try and continually restrict your ideas to the minimum set of features you need to create something useful and testable for…

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