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Eating with your eyes

by Mark Campbell

    Branding, UX

In the realm of user experience design, you’ll occasionally come across a bit of ‘design bashing’, where the aesthetic of how an app or website looks is downplayed as frivolous and unimportant. As the appreciation of usability grows, it’s important to understand how an idea, design and the user experience all work together. While it’s true that a confusing user interface won’t be made any better with a fresh coat of paint, we believe it’s still critically important to get…

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Embarking down the product pathway

by Dave Prince

    App, Strategy, UX

If you’ve been hitting up tech news of late you’ve likely come across the plethora of freakin’ damn scary articles about the rise of the machines and how AI is destined for world domination. Yep, give it 15 years and we are all out of work, replaced by an army of human-like AI pulsating robots, who are probably gonna be better looking than us too. The truth in the technologist vision most likely falls short of this scenario but it’s…

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WTF is a layered brand?

by Mark Campbell

    Branding, Strategy

Here at Ply, we sometimes fall into the agency trap of using alienating jargon, despite our best efforts to remain a wanky-language-free zone. One such offence is our occasional use of the idea of a ‘layered brand’. Layered branding is a key concept for us – after all, it’s where our name comes from. But while the idea is crystal clear to us, it’s not always obvious what we’re getting at, so we thought we’d explore it in better detail.…

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