Small in size.

Big on ideas.

We’re a misfit team with a wide mix of skills and a shared passion for startup culture, good work vibes and hipster product blogs.

We love friendly clients, ambitious ideas and finding new ways to do things. If you’re of a similar persuasion, we’d love to work together on your next big idea.


The startup tragic of the team, Dave's entrepreneurial spirit can never be squashed. He questions everything, always looking for better ways. He's also king of the dad jokes.


Ply's chief problem solver, Jeremy guides the development side of things while also adding killer design direction and ux smarts.


The drummer of the band who keeps us all marching to the right beat, Zoe's PM skills and bright spark ensure our projects run smooth with just the right amount of fun along the way.


Mark coordinates and dabbles in all the elements that make a great Ply project. A dual personality (Gemini, it figures) who flips between spreadsheets and writing crafty copy.


Seasoned vet and salty dog of the sea, Ant brings oodles of experience and a zen mindset to keep the good vibes flowing.


A designer with a thirst for knowledge and new challenges, Kirsten is passionate about all aspects of design and is proud to be a part of the industry.


Phillip's love of surfing and charming Irish accent are just a cover for his true uber-developer computer wizard self. He's got a PHD in Computer Science; no big deal, just don't call him Dr Phil.


Equally adept at shredding the keys on his guitar or his keyboard, 'Hubble' puts the polish on our digital creations with his Front End Dev skills. He also inspires the rest of us to up our beard game.


This is ply.

We’re a small creative team doing work out of Brisbane, Gold Coast , Sydney and wherever we can charge our laptops. We build websites, refine interfaces, write copy and design for digital and print.

Every day we roll up to our desk, meet a new client or deliver a project for a customer, we aim to live up to a few standards.

  • Dig deeper

    We are curious, so that means we have a natural tendency to go beyond face value and look for deeper, more meaningful answers.
  • Design with Intent

    Before a pixel get’s laid down, it’s likely we have put weeks of thought into why we're doing what we do. Pretty pages don't mean much without a story to tell.
  • Keep it simple (and sexy)

    A simple, clear message will always make itself heard above the noise. We always look to distill something down to its purest elements and go from there.
  • Reach further

    Though a decade of ups and downs, startups and slow times we've learnt to be comfortable being uncomfortable. That's why we're always learning, straying off the beaten path, and look for big leaps forward.
  • Talk it out

    The walkie talkie is always switched on to keep the lines of communication open. We find a good ol chat is the best way to stay open and keep things crystal.
  • Enjoy the ride

    Life's so short, you might as well enjoy the ride. We try and take care of people while not taking ourselves too seriously and infuse that tone into projects.

We’re local
& global

Located on the shores of Eastern Australia, we work with clients
face to face in Brisbane, Gold Coast or via Skype in faraway places.

Message Sent

We’ll be in touch within 1 business day. If that seems like an eternity, call us on (07) 3040 4438.