Loop to Loop

Inloop is a payment platform that operates in a segment of the market called payment loops. They help larger clients setup and run cashless payment environments outside of the traditional banking model. Inloop have been on a classic startup-to-established company rollercoaster ride over the past 7 years. Recently they measured our ride-height and welcomed us on board to help build new horizons.

Diving deep
for answers

When it comes to delivering secure software for customers, especially products like inloop that handle payments and transactions, a high level of trust is absolutely essential, and must be implied from the very first impression. We run a process called a deep dive, which helps us pinpoint the critical parts of the brand story.

We uncovered that design and consistency play an interesting role in creating trust, and when it came to defining the brand and visual identity for inloop we knew we had to nail the personality and values associated with the platform. The resulting style was vibrant and refined, showing the brand as stable but energetic, trustworthy but not stuffy.

What is a deep dive?

Only with a true understanding of a problem, idea or project can we create something of lasting value. That’s why we start every new project with a Deep Dive; a fancy name for getting together with all the key stakeholders and big-idea-havers, asking a bunch of probing questions, and uncovering the insights that will make the difference between a good outcome and a great one.

The gems we discover during this process inform all the work we do from there - ensuring a strong brand position, consistent messaging and clarity about how to roll out the plan.