Wanna be a Ply guy or gal?

Working at Ply is a little different. It’s intentionally that way.

We’re a small team, but we don't keep our mindset small. We love big ideas and we're always trying to make our work and our workplace better.

We favour a lightweight and nimble approach to everything. We're constantly adjusting to the projects, partners and team members we interact with, and don't get bogged down in one view of the world. This applies when we're on the lookout for a new crew member, where we're looking for the right person and we know the rest will work itself out.

The Vibe

We think deeply about how we can make 9 - 5 as good as we can. If we have to work, we want to make it great.

City, Sea or Home

We work hard everyday, but you can check the stress at the door. Our ethos is more about a focus on doing great work, while working methodically, calmly and with purpose. You rarely produce your best stuff under the pump, so we have responsible schedules to avoid long days & weeks.

Plus there's the flexibility to mix work between our Brisbane or Kingscliff offices, or your own home.

Everyone has a say

Ply is a rag tag group of people with specialist skills. Apart from being really good humble human beings, we have a lot of knowledge to share. You’ll be joining a team that can help grow your skillset and conversely, you will add a new dimension to the Ply team. Our flat structure and small team also means there’s a lot of opportunity to have a say, shape the way we grow and get stuff done.

Yearn to learn

If there was a unifying quality of the team that currently works at Ply, it would be the learning mindset. We are always hungry to learn more, rework processes and strive for improvements. There’s active learning time on the job and plenty of opportunity to upskill via events, paid online learning tracks, Ply classroom and our nerdy bookclub.

The Work

The work is what defines us as a brand and when you join us you’ll get the chance to work on some really challenging projects. We work with startups and big businesses to build digital products.

We care deeply about the work we produce, because ultimately, it says something about us as individuals. Because of this we strive to constantly raise the standard of our work, and also empower our team to have the tools, support and freedom to do their best work.

Roles, duties and day-to-day tasks evolve over time, as we look to help our crew grow, learn and improve.

The People

The people we hire is hands down the number one reason we’ve come as far as we have. Without the people, Ply would not exist and as founders we're always appreciative of the crew we've assembled.

The Ply team are a happy bunch with shared values and a sense of drive and purpose. They're what makes the business tick, but more importantly what keeps the good vibes going and the reason we want to come to work.

When bringing in a new team member, we're conscious of finding the right fit; a complimentary personality to what we've built so far.

We're always on the lookout for great talent, but at the moment our available positions are:

Back End Developer

We're currently on the hunt for a new developer to join our growing dev team and help with the multitude of exciting projects we've got on the go.

In the role you'll work alongside our close-knit team of developers, as well as have direct collaboration with design and project/product managers.

While we're on the hunt for a general set of technical skills, we're always more interested in finding the right fit for us and for you, so there is some flexibility for the right person.

General Technical Requirements:
  • Mid-weight / 3-5 years experience
  • Good understanding of software design principles (OOP, MVC, etc.)
  • Strong working knowledge of PHP, or similar scripting language
  • Experience in developing web applications using at least one popular framework (Laravel, SpringMVC, Django, Ruby on Rails, etc)
  • Experience with TDD
  • Experience using VCS
  • Experience in Laravel, Ionic and/or Angular experience a plus but not essential
  • Experience writing API services a bonus.
Personal Traits:
  • Fast learner
  • Self manageable, and super communicative
  • Open to new ways of doing things and wants to grow skillset
  • Opinionated contributor to better practices, and responsive awesome-er ideas

How to Apply

The list of Ply perks rolls on, with Ply tees, your choice of computer equipment, flexible work hours, a nerdy book club and more, so why not apply now!

Grab a pen and paper

Write a kick ass cover letter with personality, and summarise your experience and skills in a resume.

Referencing key projects and how you helped out will get you bonus points.

Send it in

Send your application along to hired@madewithply.com