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Building for the internet? Think big, bite small. Avoid the feedback void.

by Dave Prince

    App, Strategy, UX

So you’ve got an idea that can change the world and a feature list that’d make your competitor’s weep. Before you go and and sign a mega-contract to build every last thing you can imagine, it’s time to get out the red marker and be ruthless. Two main things to keep in mind here: Have an MVP mindset – try and continually restrict your ideas to the minimum set of features you need to create something useful and testable for…

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WTF is a layered brand?

by Mark Campbell

    Branding, Strategy

Here at Ply, we sometimes fall into the agency trap of using alienating jargon, despite our best efforts to remain a wanky-language-free zone. One such offence is our occasional use of the idea of a ‘layered brand’. Layered branding is a key concept for us – after all, it’s where our name comes from. But while the idea is crystal clear to us, it’s not always obvious what we’re getting at, so we thought we’d explore it in better detail.…

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